Coverafbeelding Rob Gee - Punk, Funk & Live (Ecstasy, You Got What I Need!)

Rob Gee

Punk, Funk & Live (Ecstasy, You Got What I Need!)

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  •   6 weken
  •   30 piekpositie
  •   46 punten
  •   1996



Alright, oh, sorry, wrong song
This song is about a friend of mine called Ecstasy
And it goes like this

I was having a bad day, nothing was going my way
I couldn't wait to get my pay cause it was Friday
Sat at my desk waiting for the bell
As soon as it rang I let out a yell

Just that day everything was going wrong
As each problem happened the day became real long
Went to the club to find my friend
Its only been a week since I last seen him

Always makes me feel like I'm on a vacation
Always down to give me a good sensation
25 dollars to hang out with my buddy
But I don't care cause he's worth the money

He always makes me happy, never makes me feel mad
He can even make me feel great, even when I'm sad
But if you're looking for my friend he won't be next to me
Cause he's a little white pill called Ecstasy

That's right this song is not about a person
It's about a little pill called Ecstasy
And that's why I got to sing this song and it goes like this

Oh Ecstasy
You, you got what I need
To make me feel right
And to make me feel nice

And what goes better with a with a lot of ecstasy
Is some hardcore gabber by me, Rob Gee
So for all you people fucking up there..


Ecstasy, you got what I need
That's right, to make me feel right
And to make me feel nice! .... B-B-B- Bye


ArtiestRob Gee
Platenlabel Hellsound Records