Coverafbeelding Ringo Starr - Wrack My Brain
  • Statistieken
  •   4 wkn Tipparade
  •   1981


Geboortedatum   07-07-1940
Land   Verenigd Koninkrijk


Wrack my brain, wrack my brain,
Till my head's filled with pain,
Wrack my brain.

All dried up, i'm all dried up,
All I have's this empty cup,
All dried up.

What I have, you don't want,
What you want, I can't give.
I got out of touch with you and yours,
The way that you live.

I try to do my best for you,
While the sky pours down the rain,
Wrack my brain.

With a will there's a way,
But there's no way I can see,
Coming up with something you'd enjoy
As much as tv

All the same, I play the game,
Up and down old memory lane,
Wrack my brain, (wrack my brain)
Till my head is filled with pain,
Wrack my brain, (wrack my brain)
While I slowly go insane,
Wrack my brain. (wrack my brain)


ArtiestRingo Starr
Titel Wrack My Brain
Lengte 2:17
Componist(en) George Harrison
Producer(s) George Harrison
Engineer(s) Phil McDonald
Mixage George Harrison
Titel Drumming Is My Madness
Lengte 3:26
Componist(en) Harry Nilsson
Producer(s) Harry Nilsson
Engineer(s) Rick Riccio
Mixage Harry Nilsson
Platenlabel Boardwalk
Catalogusnr 101575
Hoogste positie US 38
Album Stop And Smell The Roses