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Nickel For Goodbye




Bart Van Der Weide · Dennis Huige · Paul Bukkens · Maarten van Damme


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I almost went to your house
Heard something about
A way to forget about things
But the newspaper said
There's bad weather ahead
So I kept on staying in bed
And it broke the day
Yeah, it sure broke the day

And the neon commercials
They were screaming and saying
You should get up, cause you got shit to do
Meanwhile people all dress up
And do what they do
It doesn't mean that I have to

Just give me a nickel for I'm sorry
And a nickel for my pride
Give me a nickel for the things
I've done wrong in my life
Give me a nickel for friendship
And a nickel for the fights
Give me a nickel for hello
Give me a nickel for goodbye

Some fools remember
All that they say
And forget about all that they hear
Well, I don't wanna be that fool
That goes blind through the day
I wanna hear what I need to hear
Just don't break my heart
Just don't break my heart

And good friends remember
Good times that they got
And bury the bad ones for later
A few words of wisdom
I gladly forgot
Cause mistakes I've been making for ages

But they don't give a nickel for I'm sorry
And no nickel for who's right
No nickel for the things
I've done wrong in my life
No nickel for friendship
And two shits about the fight
No nickel for hello
Only a nickel for goodbye

Just a nickel for goodbye

And the drink, it was fading
It felt so frustrating
So I went to your house
Though they warned me, they said
There was trouble ahead
Still I went to that house

Just to get a nickel for I'm sorry
And a nickel for my pride
A nickel for the things
I've done wrong in my life
To get a nickel for friendship
And a nickel for the fights
To get a nickel for hello
Maybe a nickel for goodbye

Give me a nickel for goodbye
Good, goodbye

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