Coverafbeelding N*E*R*D - Provider
  • Statistieken
  •   4 wkn Tipparade
  •   2003


Pharrell Williams en Chad Hugo leren elkaar op 12-jarige leeftijd kennen. In hun vrije tijd maken ze samen beats en ook treden ze in verschillende groepen op met Timbaland. In 1992 besluit Teddy Riley, die de twee samen ziet optreden tijdens een talentenjacht, ze te contracteren. Samen produceren ze verschillende nummers en in 1999 besluiten ze het project N.E.R.D. te beginnen. Ook Shae Haley is, volgens Pharrell, een belangrijke factor bij de groep. De letters staan voor No-one Ever Really Dies. In 2001 verschijnt het debuutalbum In Search Of…

In de jaren die volgen scoort N.E.R.D. hits als Lapdance, She Wants To Move en Maybe. In 2010 brengen ze hun vierde album Nothing uit. Na die release schuift het project naar de achtergrond. Pas in 2017 treedt N.E.R.D. weer op de voorgrond als de track Lemon, waarop ook Rihanna te horen is, verschijnt. De track is de voorloper van het album No One Ever Really Dies.


Woke up I had the same clothes on I had on last night
I must have passed out
And cash is just like the clothes I worn yesterday
We are broke
I gotta get my ass out
I went to see what my friend was talking about
He told me cocaine would get you clout
My momma said he's trouble and schools my route
But I went to high school and got kicked out
So I'm driving this truck down the 95
I pray to God I make it home alive
I don't get pulled over by the man
I just want to make it home to hold your hand


Goodbye beloved one
Do you know what I am
If you don't see my face no more
I'm a provider girl, gotta face the streets tonight

Goodbye beloved one
Do you know what I am
You don't see my face no more
I'm a rider, girl gotta face the streets tonight
You say you don't want me to go but I have to
Please don't weep
I love you

I refuse to be a bum
Especially coming where I'm from
I'm a provider girl
And I love you

So it's just like I said before
Heading down 95
Dodging Johnny law
I don't need a ticket though I never got one
If he pulls me over
He can feel my shotgun
I think about life pull down my hat
It's just like this road I don't know where I'm at
I don't want to be another cocaine story
Will I find my sanity
Where I find my glory
Come on

[Repeat Chorus]

Someday, Someday, this will be over
We'll raise a family
I'll get a job and I'll be a voter
And if I die
It will change you
Change you
I watch over a family
But only as an angel

So don't tell me you don't know what you see
When you're looking at a motherfucker just like me
I'm a provider girl
I said don't tell me you don't know what you see
When you're looking at a motherfucker just like me
I'm a rider girl

[Repeat Chorus]

I love you girl
I'm doing this for us
I don't know any better
What am I supposed to do
Nothing I love you


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