Coverafbeelding Mistral - Starship 109
  • Statistieken
  •   8 weken
  •   9 piekpositie
  •   170 punten
  •   1978


Land   Nederland


I had a lovely dream last night
About an interplanetary flight
It booked on Starship 109

For high and dry of cruisin' in May
Taking guys a million miles away
Of bry and closin' Starship 109

Our first stop was a Tiara star
The place and the galaxy so far
We heard a voice just overhead say

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your steward speaking
Please return to your cabins
In approximately eleven minutes we will come to a rest
At the main spaceborn Hippo
Thank you

We saw a light came over, real delight
For sure it was, mmm, out of sight
Our trip with Starship 109



Titel Starship 109
Componist(en) Robbie van Leeuwen
Producer(s) Robbie van Leeuwen; Kid van Ettinger [= Karel van Ettinger]
Titel Love Destruction
Componist(en) Kid van Ettinger
Producer(s) Robbie van Leeuwen; Kid van Ettinger
Platenlabel CNR
Catalogusnr 141.455
Album Eurohits Vol. 3 [Diverse Artiesten]