Coverafbeelding michael prins - close to you
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  •   2013


Geboortedatum   14-12-1985
Land   Nederland

In 2013 wint Michael Prins het tweede seizoen van het programma De Beste Singer-Songwriter Van Nederland. Bij zijn auditie zingt hij het nummer Close To You, dat vrij snel daarna in de Top 40 terecht komt. Na drie weken is de track weer verdwenen, maar in na bijna twee maanden keert het nummer terug in de Top 40 en bereikt het de 22e plaats. Ook verschijnt zijn debuutalbum, Rivertown Fairytales.

In april 2015 verschijnt zijn nieuwe album Dreamer’s Dream Is Forever To Be Yours. Als voorloper verschijnt Fear Not als duet met Carice Van Houten.


Didn't change my name for good luck
It just happened to be mine
Didn't ask for any reason
Or any of your time
I don't need your advertising
I don't seek for diamond eyes
I don't fit in your perfection
I don't fit into your lie

But to you, my darling
For you I would truly sing
For you, my crazy babe
I would do just anything
Just to get close to you

The other night you made me dance
But now I act insane
I try to find a reason
And I try not to be strange
and I think that is funny
Cause I'm nowhere near like you
You made of me a villain
Oh, but maybe that's more true

And I'm searching
For my pride again
As I'm hunting
For your eyes again
But you're nowhere to be found tonight
Still I wait in every morning light
So until that day is mine

So is it me, the one who's out of sight
Am I running out of time
Do you want to see me present
Yet to guard you through the night
Is your vision to be save and told
That everything's alright
When the whole goddamn world knows about
The danger of this tide

Well then I
Would come back for you
yes, I
Would come back to you
Knowing you would walk away
Knowing you would walk away
So until that day is mine

And then you might not will remember me
Or act like you're surprised
When everyone's surrounding you
But darling, that don't mind
Just turn around and look at me
When you pass me in the aisle
I still hold a thousand doors for you
Just to talk to you

So I
Could get close to you
And why
Won't you see me through
Knowing I would never leave
knowing I would never leave
So until that day is mine

Darling, I would wait for you
I would wait for you
I would wait for you
And why won't you see me through
I would wait for you
Darling, I would wait for you
My love
My love
why won't you see me through
That, darling, I would wait for you


ArtiestMichael Prins
Titel Close to You
Lengte 02:49
Platenlabel VARA
Catalogusnr digital dowload
Releasedatum 28-05-2013