Coverafbeelding Meo - Still Down
  • Statistieken
  •   7 wkn Tipparade
  •   2005



Let me tell you about this girl i met
Her back burred with a pony tail
I used to date her and now I want her back
Ooh baby how you get so fly

Is she all that –yeah
Can you handle it –yeah
Do you mean playtime’s over now –yeah
Just take your time
And Ease your mind
Just let her body be the wild
I had no time for wastin’
Just took this girl to my basement
And told her about my things, about my fans and of course listen to the sound of sex
Listen up – yeah
Be Yourself – yeah
No need to be with somebody else
It’s OK
It’s Allright
It’s just a matter of time
Want ya- need ya- all over me
Don’t stop the playing – the waiting

That girl is rising – and rising – it’s above extacy
If you wanna come with me that’s cool – only you


Platenlabel Top Trax