Coverafbeelding Marco.V - More Than A Life Away
  • Statistieken
  •   6 wkn Tipparade
  •   2005


Geboortedatum   03-04-1966
Land   Nederland

Marco Verkuijlen breekt in 2000 door na een optreden op Innercity in Amsterdam. Twee jaar later staat zijn eerste hit in de Top 40, Godd. De dj scoort ook met Simulated en Loops & Tings (Relooped) nog een tweetal noteringen. Na 2004 komt ook Southside Spinners met Luvstruck, waaraan Marco V meewerkt, in de Top 40.

In 2014 staat Marco V in de tipparade met Waiting (For The End), samen met Maruja Retana.


aturday moring 8:45
Light shines of the white walls into your eyes
The kitchensink throws a pittyful smile
You're way out of time
You're way out of time
Sit down coffee bluecheeze and serial
Living today is a god given miracle
Live in the moment is more than a life away
It's more than a life away

Saturday morning 9.21
You read of a war in the east that was won
By humaliation and panic the bombs
Came tumbeling down
Came tumbeling down
One more for the papers
People in offices
Spreading the news unaware of the comequence
Live in the moment is more than a life away
It's more than a life away

Blue skies white lines forests in stereo
Driving for hours with only hysterical
Radio dj's taking another call
About the weather and all
High on life is a beutiful time
Reach out if you can when they trough you the line
Turn down the radio avoiding the 3 o clock news..
I have nothing to choose

Saturday evning two past eleven
Pints down the road, on a fast way to heaven
Friend tells a story noone believes
Some tease, some bleed some attention they need
Looking away seems the only remedy
This is the end of me live in the moment seems
More than a life away
It's more than a life away


ArtiestMarco V
Platenlabel In Charge