Coverafbeelding Magic Affair - Give Me All Your Love
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  •   7 weken
  •   9 piekpositie
  •   181 punten
  •   1994


Land   Duitsland

Duitse dance-act, opgericht in 1998 als The Mysterious Art Project en vanaf 1993 bekend als Magic Affair. De act wordt gevormd in Frankfurt door producer Mike Staab. Op het podium bestaat Magic Affair in eerste instantie (1993-1994) uit de Duitse zangeres Franca Morgano en de Amerikaanse rapper Burnell Keith Herring (A.K. Swift). Daarna volgen verschillende bezettingswisselingen.

Sinds 2008, als er veel 90's-party's worden georganiseerd, treedt Magic Affair weer in de originele bezetting op. In 2013 maakt rapper A.K. Swift plaats voor Nitro.


Hold up, hold up, check my linguistics
Let me break it down to ya ! Afrolistic !
I ain't down with the love stuff kid,
Nothing but trouble, jet on double
See ya got a habit, of keeping the brother broke
I ain't the one, why ? Cuz I'm locked
Pack your bags, and put down the platter
You wanna chill with me cuz my pockets got fatter
You want din-din, drive a new Benz then
Suck me dry and spit me out again
Romancin', dancin' and a fur coat
Ah, ah, I don't play these jokes.
You can't fade me, run me through the maze
I know about women and the mystic ways.
And my cash flow, you can't stop it.
Give up the props to the underground prophet.

Give me all your love
I want everything, I can't let go
Give me all your love
If you ain't my friend, you'll be my foe

Love ah...
Give me all...

Back again, I guess you didn't listen
Open your eyes, homegirl, because you're missing
The simple fact that a bank can get you stuck
Caught between the wall and a mac truck
All for the taking, not to be took
1-8-7 on the pocketbook
Violations, grounds for terminations
Mo'money, Mo'money, is what I'm facin'.
I paid the price before, now I'm through with it
Don't even front on me, because you did it
Instead of love, it's a business proposition
So I broke on out on a new mission
If you would've been straight from the get go
Then you would not have to leave through the back door
One strike is what you get, later,
See ya, and I wouldn't wanna be ya !

Ah, I don't play these jokes

Question : what is love ?
Answer : the same as hate if your not careful

I want your love
Give me your love


ArtiestMagic Affair
Platenlabel CDL