Coverafbeelding Lynn Anderson - You're My Man
  • Statistieken
  •   2 weken
  •   34 piekpositie
  •   9 punten
  •   1971


Geboortedatum   26-09-1947
Land   Verenigde Staten


For once in my life, I know the meaning of happiness
And what it means to have a dream come true
'Cause every day I wake up singing livin' on the sunshine love is bringing
And it's wonderful knowin' that I owe it all to you

At last I've got a reason to be a living
I'm at the end of the rainbow and the gold is in my hands
Your love is so sweet, I can't refuse it, heaven help me if I ever lose it
'Cause my whole world's just knowing you're my man
I don't understand you but God knows, I love you, you're my man
I feel so safe when I'm in your arms, 'cause you're all man
You're heaven on earth and so dependable
Together we're a team that's just unbendable
I want the whole wide world to know you're my man


At last I've got a reason to be a living
Oh, my whole world's just knowing you're my man, my man, my man


De B-kant is van het album "Rose Garden".
ArtiestLynn Anderson
Titel You're My Man
Lengte 2:38
Componist(en) G. Sutton
Producer(s) Glenn Sutton
Titel Snowbird
Lengte 2:49
Componist(en) G. MacLellan
Producer(s) Glenn Sutton
Platenlabel CBS
Catalogusnr CBS 7198
Hoogste positie UK -
Hoogste positie US 63
Album You're My Man