Coverafbeelding Les Baroques - I Know
  • Statistieken
  •   11 weken
  •   10 piekpositie
  •   195 punten
  •   1966



I know that you'll be mine girl
I really love you all the time baby
And I don't want you to tell me lies
'Cause to everybody I shall say

That this boy ain't such a cad
'Cause I need my girl so bad
So I want the world to see
That you are only for me

I take ye because I need ye
I get ye because I want ye
I kiss ye because I love ye
'Cause we need each other so

I understand your feelings well
'Cause we are people and we shall
Never be without doubts
Baby that's what makes me shout


ArtiestLes Baroques
Titel I Know (That You'll Be Mine)
Lengte 02:31
Componist(en) Gary O'Shannon
Producer(s) Basart
Titel She's Mine
Lengte 02:50
Componist(en) Gary O'Shannon
Producer(s) Basart
Platenlabel Whamm
Catalogusnr PS 006