Coverafbeelding Lemming - Lucifera
  • Statistieken
  •   8 weken
  •   19 piekpositie
  •   116 punten
  •   1973



Doooo, do do do doooo, doo-oo-oo

Let's go back two thousand years
Witches rule ancient life
when an old crystal ball
see the warlock take his wife

Whispers like a vampire
that comes with the death
she's the devil self, lucifera
she spits through your head

She swore she's come to take me
my blood and body gone
i'm leaking sweat, i'm ready
i'm rid of life, it's gone

Lucifera is her name...

Doooo, hoo hoo hoooo, hoo-oo-oo

carnal lust from blood and bore
witches rolling on the floor
eyes are turning, white with terror
crying to her

yes, she came to get me
and all the witches screamed
my mind turned blue, the witches too
it seemed that i've been screened

she danced with me for hours
throughout the foggy night
her eyes are spitting fire
and the body, the body won her side

Lucifera (hoo hoo)
Lucifera (yes you know) is her name (oh)


Lucifera (i told lucifera)
Lucifera (you know, you know, you know)
Lucifera (yes i know)
Lucifera (the one) is her name...
(the one)
(the one)
(the one, the one, hoo hoo)

Lucifera (yes you know it's true)
Lucifera (you know I do)
Lucifera (i come to you)
Lucifera (you know, you know it's true)
Lucifera (lucifera)
Lucifera (i will, this whole life)
Lucifera (i come to you)
Lucifera (i know it's true)
Lucifera (you know i do)
Lucifera (hoo hoo)
Lucifera (you know, you know)


Titel Lucifera
Componist(en) P. Bewley, R. de Bois
Producer(s) Richard de Bois
Titel I Feel Free
Componist(en) W. Slot, B. Graige
Producer(s) Richard de Bois
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr 2050 275
Album Lemming