Coverafbeelding Kiss AMC - A Bit Of ..
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  •   1989



Kiss AMC
Kiss AMC

We always speak the truth and never get excited
'Cause Kiss AMC, we'll always be united
Instead of comin' double where the first two do it
Others have tried but they just blew it

And by this time they have your attention
This is not a lesson but we have to mention
Kiss AMC, we like a few things said
So I pay a little pin inside of your head

We ain't sixteen, create a new dimension
Others stay stuff, they stick to convention
Yeah, hardcore records but we ain't soft
They tried a little less, and do rip it off

Listen to all kinds of music and we're not ashamed
We like Indy pop and bands with weird names
Ofcourse it's only right, just one mixed to two
I talk about James and a bit of U2

AMC, a bit of U2
Kiss AMC
AMC, a bit of U2
Kiss AMC

Go rock it together and never fight for the micros
Lisa on the left and Maris on the right
We both love to party, 'till the early morning
That's the reason why I'm real still yawning

Listen right, I heard you slept last night
I was outrageous and just cold inside
We decide the chorus, the bass is rough
And just a little bit of the whole right stuff

When I've to teach and preach
I'll leave you stranded on the beach
We're the type of ladies who can ignore
Don't you, don't get on the dancefloor

Kiss AMC, always on time
Give me good support, a real lifeline
Just bring you right back to the beat
Now get dancin' on your own two feet
Now dance!

AMC, a bit of U2
Kiss AMC
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold

Just be original, yo, don't be no fake
Teach your own style, don't impersonate
Positively speakin', we're makin' it known
We're true to the chord and down to the bone

All the rhymes that we've said, all fresh and clean
You won't hear a beat because a lot have seen
Can't you see it's a difficult, technical scratch
Don't phrase that and she's hard to match

It's just the way we let off steam
We're typical on the hiphop scene
Things get serious, we just wanna have fun
We just don't care who is number one

We have no hearts to mend, we make you big stride
And if you're not, we do, we do it with pride
We know there's some paperwork and emptiness
And all we say to that is

Now that's an example of what we're about
You expected U2 but we dropped it out
'Cause we're predictable, it's another change
That's why the break has been rearranged

Just one thing left, as it's time to go
Kiss AMC let the rhythm flow
Because we need to rock at the hiphop
And this is the sound that just won't stop (Stop)

AMC, a bit of U2
Kiss AMC
AMC, a bit of U2
Kiss AMC

AMC, a bit of U2
Kiss AMC
AMC, a bit of U2
Kiss AMC

AMC, a bit of U2
Kiss AMC


ArtiestKiss AMC
Titel A Bit Of ...
Lengte 3:49
Componist(en) Chapter, U2
Producer(s) Chapter
Mixage E. Pasquez
Titel The Raw Side
Lengte 3:19
Componist(en) Leveridge, Hinds, Leveridge
Producer(s) The Ruthless Rap Assassins
Mixage G. Wilson, D. Holmes
Platenlabel Syncopate
Catalogusnr 006-203417 7
Album [diverse artiesten] Now This Is Music 11