Coverafbeelding K-Otic - Tears Won't Dry
  • Statistieken
  •   3 wkn Tipparade
  •   2003


Land   Nederland


Yesterday was tuesday
Had a place to go
I had all I ever need
To satisfy my soul

Wondering in circles
Wonder who I am
Nothing I would say or do
Will make you understand

Looking at the ocean
Staring back at me
Think about the things I've done
Wish that I was free

Maybe I was crazy
Maybe I was scared
Something I don't need to be
This is what I say

Now I'm leaving
To say goodbye
Tears won't dry
No'w I'm leaving
To say goodbye
Tears won't dry

Standing by a crossroad
Need to make a stair
To recognize my destiny
I need a helping hand

Feeling this connecting
Nothing to embrace
If there is a promised land
Won't you take me away


No I won't, wanna throw it all away
And you say there will be another day
And the sun will be shining over me
Singing me a lullaby



Platenlabel Jive