Coverafbeelding John Rowles - Hush... Not A Word To Mary
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  •   6 weken
  •   19 piekpositie
  •   87 punten
  •   1968



Hush, not a word to Mary
She means the world to me
Don't wanna lose her

Oh, hush not a word to Mary
Don't let her know
I stayed here with you

Mary's gone visiting all the folks at home
Kind of you to ask me around, knowing I'm alone
A cigarette, a glass of wine
A little homeless fun
A cosy chat about this and that
Never could hurt anyone

Oh, hush not a word to Mary
She may not understand
And she may worry

Oh, hush not a word to Mary
Don't want her crying
Over nothing at all

Mary does everything
Keeping me in mind
Loving me so faithfully
That constantly I find

I think of her and long for her
When she's not around
I love her so, I'm sure you know
I never could let her down

So, hush not a word to Mary
Don't wanna break her heart
All over nothing

Oh, hush not a word to Mary
Show me the door it's time
I went home



John Edward Rowles (1947) is een Nieuw-Zeelandse zanger. Hij is vooral bekend in Nieuw-Zeeland en Australië en stond met 2 nummers in de Europese hitparade. "If I only had time" was zijn grootste hit (14 weken, hoogste notering 2e plaats).
ArtiestJohn Rowles
Titel Hush... Not A Word To Mary
Lengte 03:00
Componist(en) Peter Callander & Mitch Murray
Producer(s) Mike Leander
Titel The Night We Called It A Day
Lengte 02'43
Componist(en) John Rowles &, Kipner
Producer(s) Mike Leander
Platenlabel Stateside
Catalogusnr HHS 1288
Hoogste positie UK 12
Hoogste positie US -
Album The Exciting John Rowles