Coverafbeelding Joe Tex - Have You Ever
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  •   1976



One, two, three, four, oh!

Have you ever had to hold your nose to keep from sneezin'?
Or blowin' your hands on a cold wintersday to keep from freezin', haha
If you ever done it and restrain, I know you can relate to
Just one thing I'm about to ask you to

Oh, turn to your partner, touch the fingertips

Move in a little closer, kiss him on the lips
Take him in your arms, hold him like you should
Squeeze a little tighter, give him something good, oh!

Have you ever hit your finger or had to bite your lip to keep from cursing?
And your baby got on your nerves and count to ten to keep from pursin', yeah
If you ever done any of these things I know you can relate to, yeah
Just one thing I'm about to ask you to, yeah

You and your partner, get out on the floor
Wait until the crowd is screaming for more
Move in a little closer, get into a hump
You and your partner goin' to do the bump

Bump, baby, bump
Gonna bump, baby, bump
Bump, do the double bump
Bump, do the double bump all over town, haha

Oh, do the
Lookin' good
Lookin' good, baby

Go on, y'all, hahaha
Yeah, I like this thing, yeah
Go on

Yeah, I take you out fellows and put you on the soultrain, haha

Bump, baby


ArtiestJoe Tex
Titel Have You Ever
Lengte 02'57
Componist(en) Joe Tex
Producer(s) Buddy Killen & Norman Thrasher
Titel Baby, It's Rainin'
Lengte 04'00
Componist(en) Joe Tex
Producer(s) Norman Thrasher
Platenlabel Mercury
Catalogusnr 6167 333
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Album Have You Ever