Coverafbeelding Hearts Of Soul - Fat Jack
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  •   5 weken
  •   18 piekpositie
  •   88 punten
  •   1970


Land   Nederland


(c)Dayglow Music NV, Hilversum

Long time ago I met a guy in St. Louis
All by myself in the local saloon
His name was Jack and I just would not force him
to come with me home all to Brownwood

Oh Lord how I'm gonna miss him
I can't tell you how I'm diggin' him
He's just dynamite
Oh Lord how can I reach him
I can't tell you how I need him
he's out of sight

But then one day it was July last summer
for a moment I just couldn't believe my eyes
I saw him talking to the girls at the corner
fat as can be, sure it's no lie

Oh Lord I'll never gonna miss him
I can tell you I'll never gonna dig him
He's a fatty guy
Oh Lord I'll never gonna need him
Cause then I always have to feed him
Fat Jack, bye bye


ArtiestThe Hearts Of Soul
Titel Fat Jack
Componist(en) G. Kooymans
Producer(s) Fred Haayen
Titel Sweetheart
Componist(en) B. Gibb, M. Gibb
Producer(s) Fred Haayen
Platenlabel Park
Catalogusnr BP 1024
Album The Hearts Of Soul