Coverafbeelding Gary Fane - Aquarius
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  •   7 weken
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  •   1980


Geboortedatum   03-11-1942
Land   Nederland


She gave birth to life in many ways we know
The sequals with the stars the stars tell how we go
And time tells through the ages
Their signs are always clear
And man accepts and follow them

Aquarius Aquarius
The time is so near
For people to share
There laughter and love all around
Aquarius... Aquarius...
Equal T is right Brotherhood bring flight
Freedom for mankind and we won't have to fight
The stars tell through the ages
(The stars tell through the ages)
The signs are always clear
(The signs are always clear)
We must accept the need to live

Now is the time to follow you
Now is the time to follow you
No wonder that we go down
Go down... Aquarius... Aquarius...


ArtiestGary Fane
Titel Aquarius
Lengte 03:05
Componist(en) Gary Fane
Producer(s) Jaap Eggermont
Titel Leo
Componist(en) Gary Fane, Fred Jansen
Producer(s) Jaap Eggermont
Platenlabel CNR
Catalogusnr 141.672
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