Coverafbeelding Eternal - What'cha Gonna Do
  • Statistieken
  •   2 weken
  •   30 piekpositie
  •   13 punten
  •   1999


Land   Verenigd Koninkrijk

Britse r&b groep, bestaande uit de zussen Easther en Vernie Bennett, Kéllé Bryan en Louise Nerding. Eternal werd in 1992 gevormd, als tegenhanger van het Amerikaanse En Vogue.

In 1995 verliet Louise de band, gevolgd door Kéllé in 1999. In 2000 stopten ook de zussen Bennett met Eternal. In 2013 vond een korte reünie plaats.


One,two,whatcha gonna do?
ain't nowhere to run,when He's looking for you,
three ,four,He's knocking your door
ain't no where to run you can't hide no more
don't you ever listen,to what the older people say,
child your not different,mmm,
check your life and whatcha going through,
there's a place for you and me,if you stop and say you do believe
pray for a miracle,and hope your life won't be in vain

[chorus x2]
ain't no need to worry(no no no) just call on him and He'll be there
(call call Him)
in your darkest hour He will be your guiding light
(you know he will)
do not be discouraged,
there will be a better day,
just lift your head up high,and everything will be OK

[chorus x1]

ain't no where to run to(nowhere to run,nowhere to hide)
couse He's all around
(he's all around you)
take a chance He loves you,see if he really loves you
don't turn your back(back,back)

[repeat chorus]

open up any river,set all of his children free
he will lead and he wukk guide youm
couse he's the Almighty

[chorus to finish]


Platenlabel EMI