Coverafbeelding Eric Burdon and War - Paint It Black
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  •   3 weken
  •   31 piekpositie
  •   25 punten
  •   1971


Geboortedatum   11-05-1941
Land   Verenigd Koninkrijk


mm, aahhhh
I see a red door and I want to paint it black
No colors in my life, you better turn them black
I see them walking by dressed in their colorful clothes
My happiness de?
No more will my grey sea turn a deeper blue
I cannot foresee this thing happening to you

I see people walking by dressed their summer clothes
I see them strolling by, my happiness ?
Turn it black
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I said I know baby
Everything is black I know
Since you been gone
Eveything is black before my eyes
Baby eh
Everything is black I know
Turn to me
And help me see again baby
Help me walk once more
And help me talk again, walk again
Stand up like a man baby
Since you been gone, gone
There is no color in my life baby
Its turning so very very ? black

Humph, I walk down the street
And I see a line of cars
Maybe blue, maybe brown, maybe green
But their turning black
Before my very eyes
And you could not know
What its like when your whole world is black
When everything you see and touch
Turns so very very black hmm
Oh baby now
I need you by my side
Bring some color into my life
Once again
I even tripped down and fell
Didn't see no colors anymore baby
Bad, bad scene
And I have to tell you baby
No more will my grey sea go turn a deeper blue
I cannot foresee this thing ever happening to you

I see people walking by me
They're all going in different directions
I see them strolling by and my heart splinters like a flame
Turning black baby
Turning black I know
Since you've been gone is turning black, turning black, turning black, turning black, turning black
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, baby
Oh lord, oh babe, whoa lord, help me see again, baby
Help me walk, talk, walk stand up like a man I know
Need you standing by my side
Because I'm blind and I cannot see
Color blind
I'm color blind
Paint everything so black
Go ahead and paint it black baby
Everyhing is black black, black, its turning black I know
Need some color in my life...


ArtiestEric Burdon,
Titel Paint It Black
Lengte 4:12
Componist(en) Jagger, Richards
Producer(s) Jerry Goldstein
Titel Spirit
Lengte 3:30
Componist(en) War
Producer(s) Jerry Goldstein
Platenlabel Liberty
Catalogusnr 5C 006-92 332
Album The Black-Man's Burdon