Coverafbeelding Eddy Wally - Chérie
  • Statistieken
  •   4 wkn Tipparade
  •   1995


Geboortedatum   12-07-1932
Land   België


{transcribed by Adri Verhoef, 27-5-1995}

Eddy, what are you doing here?

Maar meisje toch, we zingen vandaag samen een liedje,
Is dat niet geweldig

Eddy W is in da house.

Do you know what it took him to become so great
Do you know his daddy, daddy very early age
Do you know, do you know that he changed his ways
Do you do you do you know he had many rough days
Singing and bringing and sellin' his songs
Before he knew it he had it going on
Before he knew it he was right on top
And now we'll know him as the voice of Europe

Chérie, chérie
Dans met mij de tango d'amore
Chérie, chérie
Want we zijn voor elkander geboren
Chérie, chérie
Blijf bij mij de hele nacht
Chérie, o mijn chérie
Slechts op jou heb ik gewacht

No matter what happens he stays real plain
He never gotta think about a thing called fame
Yes indeed, he stays the same
He knew how to stick to the rules of the game
Las Vegas - Okee
Old China - Geweldig
Moscow - Ongelofelijk
Paris - {giechel}


Eddy W, a man who's known and loved all over the world and beyond
When he sings, joy and happiness flows into the hearts of so many people
No matter what colour, sex or religion they have

Slechts op jou heb ik gewacht.


ArtiestEddy Wally
Titel Chérie
Lengte 02:28
Platenlabel Telstar
Catalogusnr TSCD 5024-3