Coverafbeelding Double Dutch - Ma Chérie
  • Statistieken
  •   2 wkn Tipparade
  •   1972



Here am I sitting at the station
Waiting for a train that come
Which is bringing my sweet lady
Back to me with my old son
Many times, I've thinking
What a fool I am been
But today, it will be over
When I coming back to be

Ma Cherie, Ma Cherie
I Know that you will be
The only girl that I ever loved
Ma Cherie, Ma Cherie
I hope that you will see
That I want to make a brand new start

So when you'll be at my side again
I'm now a lonely man and it wound
And you and I, will life a brand new live
as you love poor, love a girl!


ArtiestDouble Dutch
Titel Ma Chérie
Lengte 03:34
Componist(en) R. de Bois
Producer(s) R. de Bois
Titel Side By Side
Lengte 02:45
Componist(en) Fronkensma
Producer(s) R. de Bois
Platenlabel Injection
Catalogusnr 134.551