Coverafbeelding Diesel - Down In The Silvermine
  • Statistieken
  •   4 weken
  •   28 piekpositie
  •   43 punten
  •   1980


Land   Nederland


Down in the silvermine
Dusk is playing tricks on time
Days are long but the work is fine
Down in the silvermine

Hee haw, the band is playing
Folks on the platform saying
Bye to the boy who's leaving home
Hurry the whistle's blowing
Hanky, my tears are showing
Anchor's away, I'm on my own

I'd never lose her
On a silver streak
Far from the girl I left behind
No time for tears and sorrow
I've got silver on my mind

Repeat Chorus 2x

Hi Ho, the wheels are grinding
Strong arms, the picks are winding
Straight down
The mining shaft we go
Why Oh, the rocks they rumble
Into the dark we stumble
Risking our lives cause we know

Down there is a one-way fare
To Easy Street
Grab all the silver we can find
Sell to the highest bidder
Head for the girl I left behind

Repeat Chorus 3x

Down in the silvermine
(Repeat til fade)


Titel Down In The Silvermine
Lengte 03:00
Componist(en) M. Boon, R. Vunderink
Producer(s) Pim Koopman
Titel Ready For Love
Lengte 02:30
Componist(en) P. Koopman
Producer(s) Pim Koopman
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr 2050 577
Album Watts In A Tank