Coverafbeelding Deirdre - Daughter Of Peggy-O
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  •   4 wkn Tipparade
  •   1978



There was a little man came from the West,
Fol de rol de rol de rol de rigeo,
He married a wife, she was not of the best,
She was the driggle draggle daughter of Peggy, O.

She wouldn't card, she wouldn't spin,
She wouldn't work all in the kitchen.

When this good man came home from plough,
He says: 'My dear, is the dinner ready now?'

'Oh, if your dinner you must have,
Then get it yourself, I'm not your slave.'

'For I won't brew and I won't bake,
And I won't get my white hands black.'

This good man pulled his coat from his back,
And made his stick go widgy widgy whack.

'And if you won't do what I say now,
I'll take and yoke you to the plough.'

'Oh, I will card and I will spin,
And I will work all in the kitchen.'

'And I will bake and I will brew,
And I will cook your dinner for you.'



Oud volksliedje  getiteld The Daughter of Peggy-O, sung by Charles Spiller, Pitminster, Som. (C.J.S. 1908), opgetekend en bewerkt door Ralph Vaughan Williams en A.L. Lloyd in hun songboek The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, uitgebracht in 1959.
Titel Daughter of Peggy-O
Lengte 2:58
Componist(en) arr. Deirdre
Titel Cup of Tea
Lengte 2:43
Componist(en) arr. Deirdre
Platenlabel Philips
Catalogusnr 6045 027
Album Deirdre