Coverafbeelding David Soul - Going In With My Eyes Open
  • Statistieken
  •   6 weken
  •   17 piekpositie
  •   75 punten
  •   1977



You smiled that misty way
And something in me said
Remember the last time don't fall in love
I walked so blindy in
I fell and hurt my head
I can't forget it but I won't regret it
I couldn't even stop it if I tried

Only this time I'm going in with my eyes open
I won't make the same mistakes again
This time I'll see the signs and no hearts broken
Won't be so blind and loose my way

You'd be so nice to love
Don't let it end the same
If you get uneasy, just let me know
Don't lie or call me by
Somebody else's name
I couldn't take it
I know it would break it
And I wanna give you everything I am.


ArtiestDavid Soul
Titel Going In With My Eyes Open
Componist(en) Tony Macaulay
Producer(s) Tony Macaulay
Titel Topanga
Componist(en) Gardner McKay, David Soul
Producer(s) Elliot F. Mayer
Platenlabel Private Stock
Catalogusnr 5C 006-98 915
Album Playing To An Audience Of One