Coverafbeelding David Grant & Jaki Graham - Mated
  • Statistieken
  •   7 weken
  •   15 piekpositie
  •   126 punten
  •   1985



Everyone asks
Are we some kind of lovers?
Everyone asks what youre doing with me
I know this is not what they want
Theyre afraid youve been blinded
But I already know how its going to be

If anyone should ask
Say were mated
as long as this life lasts
We are mated
Why else would I be here right now
And you know well still be here tomorrow

Nobody else understands what Im doing
Nobody else makes me act in this way
And because they cant comprehend
What we mean to each other
They wont leave you alone
So you know what to say

I hold you in my heart
cause were mated
In a very special part
We are mated
Why else would I be here right now
And you know Ill still be here tomorrow

I see things far ahead, maybe light
Maybe beautiful children
I dont have words Im thinking of
But its way beyond what they call love


Het origineel is van de groep Utopia met o.a. Todd Rundgren in de gelederen

De versie van Utopia uit 1985 kwam niet verder dan de Tipparade.
De versie van Jakie Graham & David Grant stond in 1986 7 weken in de Top 40 met een 15e plaats als hoogste notering.
ArtiestDavid Grant,
Jaki Graham
Titel Mated
Lengte 3:50
Componist(en) Todd Rundgren
Producer(s) Derek Bramble
Titel [Jaki Graham] The Facts Of Love
Lengte 4:06
Componist(en) Derek Bramble
Producer(s) Derek Bramble
Platenlabel EMI
Catalogusnr 006 20 0945 7
Album Breaking Away [Jaki Graham]