Coverafbeelding Daniel Boone - Skydiver
  • Statistieken
  •   4 wkn Tipparade
  •   1973



When I saw you in the street
Brushing guys beneath your feet
I didn't think you were a nine to fiver
And when someone said that you
Simply came right out the blue
I wanted to fly with you skydiver

My, my, I'd love to see you fly
Down, down, till you hit the ground
Hey, hey, don't you fly away
Get it on down, down, down, skydiver
Oh, oh, don't say you're gonna go
Fly, fly, take me to the sky
Hey, hey, don't you run away
Get it on down, down, down, skydiver

When I saw the kick you got
Parking cars out on the lot
I didn't think you were a mustang driver
And I saw the way you do
and you did the things you do
I wanted to be with you skydiver


ArtiestDaniel Boone
Titel Skydiver
Lengte 03:00
Componist(en) Daniel Boone, Rod McQueen
Producer(s) Larry Page
Titel Do You Think The Lord
Lengte 03:18
Componist(en) Daniel Boone, P. Peters
Producer(s) Larry Page
Platenlabel Pink Elephant
Catalogusnr PE 22.791