Crying In The Rain

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A-kant Titel

Crying In The Rain

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A-kant Componist(en)

Jay Supreme & Doug Laurent & Robert Gerding & Tania Evans

A-kant Producer(s)

Doug Laurent

B-kant titel

Crying In The Rain (Temple Of Light Mix)

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B-kant componist(en)

Jay Supreme & Doug Laurent & Robert Gerding & Tania Evans

B-kant producer(s)

Doug Laurent


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Stop, you breathe you lie
Loops got ya lost I can't hear ya
Treason took a try
Desperate drown in dirty things
Juvenile Jazz you hide
Can't loose no love from day I shared
Faint twinkle in your eyes
Weary from how you earn your things
You slip from sliding
Slowly, slither, sneaky
Simple for a snake
Poser in pursuit of passion
Can't rush my quiver fake a quake
Betrayer, disarrayer,
Leave a soft one frying in the pain
Deceitful, full of that
Couldn't care less if you're crying in the rain

Stop that crying
Stop that lying
It's boring me
I don't wanna spend my time with you
Stop to think
That once you brought me to exctasy
I want the loving that I really need

Wooh, oh, hoh

Stop that crying in the rain now
No more crying in the rain
Who said that crying in the rain
Could ever wash away a lover's pain
Wooh, oh, hoh

Stop that crying in the rain now
No more crying in the rain
Who said that crying in the rain
Could ever wash away a lover's pain
Wooh, oh, hoh

Fake, no truth, no real
Trapped in your toss
Can't shake aching
Fictions all you feel
Make up to hide, make up of self
Wicked with step ahead of skills
Menial madness molds your making
Plot to place for prize
Weak known wonders for wealth
You dig the dirt well deep in darkness
Dare to deal on the down low
Tripping for treasures, plastic pleasures
Headline in some kid side show
A taste of a thrill got to have glitter
Serpents seem to savor show
Fool can't afford
To feign alone you're crying in the rain

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