Coverafbeelding Cory Daye - Wiggle And A Giggle All Night

Cory Daye

Wiggle And A Giggle All Night

  • Statistieken
  •   9 weken
  •   14 piekpositie
  •   150 punten
  •   1979


Geboortedatum   25-04-1952
Land   Verenigde Staten

Cory Daye startte haar muzikale carrière bij Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band Ze was van 1976 tot 1979 de zangeres van de groep en scoorde met deze groep hits met Cherchez la femme en I'll play the fool.

In 1979 startte ze een solo carrière en scoorde in dat jaar haar enige Top 40 hit met A wiggle and a giggle all night.


I was walkin' down the street
when I saw this handsome soldier boy winkin', winkin', winkin' at me
He said: "I'd like to make a date"
I said: "So sorry, but it's late"
He said: "What's the matter baby, ain't ya free?
Ain't ya free, free to be the love of my life?"

He said: "I love the way you wiggle and I love the way you giggle
And I'd love to give you just a little kiss on your lips"
He was such a delight, so we wiggled and we giggled all night, yeah
We wiggled and we giggled all night
This boy now got me wrapped 'round his finger
Destroyed now - under his thumb
He treats me unkind, leaves me drinkin' till I'm blind
This boy now I know he's never gonna come

I met this crazy guy from Texas,
said his father was a Mexican, his mother was the purest Cherokee
It was the little part of her in him
That made him such an Indian
But he was all American to me
To me he promised freedom for the rest of my life


So the answer to this riddle,
when you're caught up in the middle of the devil and the deep blue sea
Love 'em when you get 'em
And hope you don't regret 'em
When you let 'em in your heart eternally - eternally
I'll be lookin' for the love of my life

And I'll always have a giggle and you know I'll have a wiggle
And I'll always love to have a little kiss on my lips
It's such a delight when I wiggle and giggle all night, yeah
Wiggle and giggle all night
This boy now got me wrapped 'round his finger etc...


ArtiestCory Daye
Titel Wiggle & A Giggle All Night
Lengte 03:08
Componist(en) Sandy Linzer, L. Russell Brown
Producer(s) Sandy Linzer
Engineer(s) Frankie D'Augusta
Titel Single Again/What Time Does The Balloon Go Up
Lengte 05:39
Componist(en) Sandy Linzer, Denny Randell
Producer(s) Sandy Linzer
Engineer(s) Frankie D'Augusta
Platenlabel New York International
Catalogusnr FB-9440
Album Cory And Me