Coverafbeelding Charles D. Lewis - Soca Dance
  • Statistieken
  •   5 weken
  •   28 piekpositie
  •   40 punten
  •   1990



Want to play you some of this sweet sweet music
It's music for happy people better believe it
If you're feeling lonely may be just sad and blue
This spicy rhythm is the right think for you
All around the world a message from the islands
Rather play the fool than suffer on in silence

Dance, Soca dance soca dance
Dance, soca dance do the soca dance

Want to play you some of this Soca beat
This Caribbean rhythm will put you on your feet
Whether you're young, whether you're old and grey
Gather around, we'll Jam it night and day
All along the beach, a party in the moonlight
With Soca sounds to make the feelings of the tune right...
{au Refrain}

{Parlé :}
I said a hip-hop, skip or jump, I don't give a damm
Baby, just shake your rump, the rhythm is hot
Groovin' fine come on, party people, shake your body line !


ArtiestCharles D. Lewis
Titel Soca Dance (Bajan Edit)
Lengte 3:56
Componist(en) Lewis, Gordon-Smith
Producer(s) Sound Factory
Titel My Life Your Life (Edit)
Lengte 4:23
Componist(en) Lewis
Producer(s) Sound Factory
Platenlabel Baxter
Catalogusnr 877 508-7