Coverafbeelding Champagne - Valentino
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  •   8 weken
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  •   209 punten
  •   1977



I saw a picture of someone who's name I didn't know
A silent movie - with Rudy - was on the midnight show
And when he touched her hand
It was in blood and sand
His eyes like fire took my head away

Valentino if I fell in love and all the stars above
Were shining bright my love
Valentino all my pride and pain are driving me insane
And all my problems remain
Oh would you like ta dance
You're the only one
Oh would you take a chance
I would love to run
But I can't stand

Running alone you know
I need someone.

You are a dancer
but what am I to do
You are the answer
sweet dancer
but will you love me too
If I am dressed in black
will you be coming back
Will you believe in me
please stay with me

Valentino if I fell in love and all the stars aboye


Titel Valentino
Lengte 3:20
Componist(en) Duiser, Janschen, Janschens,Tax, Duiser
Producer(s) Martin Duiser
Titel Ain't No Fun To Me
Lengte 3:18
Componist(en) Duiser, Tax
Producer(s) Martin Duiser
Platenlabel Ariola
Catalogusnr 11 642 AT
Album Champagne