Coverafbeelding CB Milton - A Real Love
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  •   5 wkn Tipparade
  •   1995


Geboortedatum   11-04-1968
Land   Nederland


A real love
Is all that I've been dreaming of
Someone to stay with me
One to fit me like a glove
A real love
I'm praying up to god above
Send someone to share
Someone to care
Someone to love

What seemed right turns out so wrong
The morning comes I wake to see she's gone
I don't know how I carry on
Searching everywhere for someone who won't let go

Someone who wants to take it slow

How long can I take this pain
Until the sun comes shining through the rain
Until the moth flies to the flame
Searching high, searching low
What good is a heart if you've never really know
Someone that you can call your own

Oh yeah, it's got to be real


ArtiestCB Milton
Titel X-Out Edit
Lengte 4:04
Componist(en) P. Wilde, P. Bauwens, X. Clayton
Producer(s) Phil Wilde, Peter Bauwens
Engineer(s) Phil Wilde
Platenlabel Byte
Catalogusnr BYTE 5043 [cdm] // BYTE 3043 [cds]
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Album The Way To Wonderland