Coverafbeelding Captain Hollywood Project - Flying High
  • Statistieken
  •   10 weken
  •   4 piekpositie
  •   287 punten
  •   1995


Duitse eurodance act die tussen 1992 en 1997 actief was.

De act met blikvanger Captain Hollywood (echte naam Tony Dawson-Harrison) scoort grote hits als More And More, Only With You, Impossible en Flying High tussen 1992 en 1995. Eerst en laatstgenoemde halen de top 10 en pieken op respectievelijk nummer 6 en 4.


We 're flying high
We 're flying right up to the sky
We fly so high
We're flying right up to the sky
We fly so high, we fly so high

Yes I don't need no stress
'Cause that's the kind of stuff that makes a mess
Breakin' me down and takin' me to the test
Keepin' me brother from givin' my best
Gotta chill gotta chill gotta gotta kill
Before I cannot feel anything that's goin' down
Turnin' my head around and around
Takin' me to the highest level
Diggin' my own grave with a shovel
Many boss remain in my brain
Cover me truly and sing.
I cannot speak, I cannot speak
I wake up sweatin' up in my sleep
That's why, that's why I'm flyin' high.

We're flying high (We're flying high)
We're flying right up to the sky
We fly so high (We fly so high)
We're flying right up to the sky
With an extra station from the ground
The stars are shining round and round
So high we're flying right up to the sky.
We're flying high (We fly so high, we fly so high)
We're flying high.

Yeah that's the way I got to go
When everybody's singin' my mo and mo
Pickin' up the record in a record store
Hollywood, Hollywood on the radio
Jammin', jammin' forty people bang me
It's me and gets his slam in right
So why don't you play all night
Puttin' on the jeans and the jeans all tight
Gotta go gotta go gotta go now
Try to relax and I don't know how
Listenin' to the sound I like to hear best
The sound that makes me cheer
I'm gettin' away from a everyday cry
Runnin' away from hardcore lie
I'm flyin', I'm flyin' high.


ArtiestCaptain Hollywood Project
Titel Radio Mix
Lengte 3:45
Componist(en) M: Attack II, Tom Jacques G. Coin, Thorsten Adler, T: Tony Dawson-Harrison, Attack II, Tom Jacques G. Coin, Thorsten Adler
Producer(s) DMP
Platenlabel Dureco
Catalogusnr 11 05232
Hoogste positie UK 58
Hoogste positie US -
Album Animals Or Human