Coverafbeelding Brittany Howard - Stay High
  • Statistieken
  •   8 wkn Tipparade
  •   2019


Geboortedatum   02-10-1988
Land   Verenigde Staten

Brittany Howard werkte voor de Amerikaanse post voordat ze in 2009 de leadzangeres van Alabama Shakes werd, de band met wie ze in 2012 in de Tipparade stond met Hold On. Dat jaar trad ze ook op de voorgrond als zangeres van de band Thunderbutch. Met Sound & Color kwam Alabama Shakes in in 2015 van niets op 1 in de Amerikaanse albumlijst. In 2017 volgt er met Bermuda Triangle nog een derde band voor Howard.

In september van 2019 verschijnt haar eerste soloalbum, Jaime. Vooruitlopend op dat album en een begeleidende tournee door Amerika en Europa verschijnt de single Stay High. Op 2 september 2019 geeft ze een concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam.


I already feel
Like doing it again, honey
Cause once you know, then you know
And you don't wanna go
Back to wherever it is that you come from, yeah
I just want to stay high with you

Cause where I come from
Everybody frowns and walks around
With that ugly thing on their face
And where I come from
We work hard and grind and hustle all day (Yes, we do)
There comes a time
There comes a time
At night where we get to play
And we smile and laugh and jump and clap
And yell and holler and just feel great
I just want to stay high with you

So, don't question my state of mind
I'm doing wonderful just fine, thank you (Thank you)
Everything is everything
And everything is beautiful (How did you get like that)
See all I do is keep it cool
And don't worry 'bout what everyone is doing
I already feel like doing it again, honey
I just want to stay high
I just want to stay high
I just want to stay high
I just want to stay high
I just want to stay high
I just want to stay high with you


ArtiestBrittany Howard
Titel Stay High
Lengte 3:11
Componist(en) Brittany Howard
Producer(s) Brittany Howard
Platenlabel ATO Records
Catalogusnr digital download [albumtrack]
Album Jaime