Coverafbeelding Boots - There's A Baby
  • Statistieken
  •   2 weken
  •   34 piekpositie
  •   9 punten
  •   1969


Land   Nederland

Van oorsprong Duitse band, opgericht rond 1964. Na wat wijzigingen in de bezetting maken enkele Duitse leden enkele jaren later vanuit Den Haag een doorstart met de Nederlandse zanger Jack Eckhardt, ook bekend als Jacky Cornell.


There's a baby
Was born as soft and warm as many others
And his little smile reminds you of his mother
But he cannot understand her frightened eyes
Way she cries, oh baby

Will know to learn that unger is all around him
And the dusty walls of poverty surround him
And the hopeless cry of those about to die
His lullaby, his lullaby

And every night I hear his mother pray
That her infant son will learn to find a better way
Someday, other's baby
Grow into a world, a field of fear and danger
I must talk his brother of be a dreadest stranger

Can we build a world whre he's free to live
Free to love, free to give

Can we build a world whre he's free to live


Titel There's A Baby
Componist(en) A. Bernstein, V. Millrose
Producer(s) Fred Haayen
Engineer(s) Jan Audier
Titel Time Doesn't Matter Anymore
Componist(en) K. Finton, G. Illingworth
Producer(s) Fred Haayen
Engineer(s) Jan Audier
Platenlabel Philips
Catalogusnr JF 336 103