Coverafbeelding Bonnie St. Claire & Unit Gloria featuring Peter - Rocco (Don't Go)
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  •   5 weken
  •   28 piekpositie
  •   38 punten
  •   1975


Geboortedatum   18-11-1949
Land   Nederland

Nederlandse zangeres, geboren in Rozenburg. Echte naam: Bonje Cornelia Swart.


He is twenty four
And he is doing more
Then a Rolling Stones roady
That's for sure
Rocco is an ace
And the band is leaning on him

Sure he is
The man we can't miss
But now he is leaving
Because of liz
A model with nothing, under her sun tan skin

Rocco don't go
Oh, no
Rocco, don't go

She ain't the right woman for a boy like you
She ain't the little blond angel you think
She don't feel for you like she ought to do

And we need you, love you, beg you
Rocco don't go
Don't leave us, believe us
We can't miss you
Rocco don't go

He's a handy man
On stage and in the van
For the sound and the light
He is our right hand
Rocco is a winner
And the band is leaning on him

Rocco don't go
Oh, no
Rocco, don't go


ArtiestBonnie St. Claire,
Unit Gloria,
Peter Koelewijn
Titel Rocco (Don't Go)
Platenlabel Philips
Catalogusnr 6012 546