Coverafbeelding Bobby Brown - Humpin' Around - The K Klass Mixes

Bobby Brown

Humpin' Around - The K Klass Mixes

  • Statistieken
  •   3 weken
  •   26 piekpositie
  •   28 punten
  •   1995


Geboortedatum   05-02-1969
Land   Verenigde Staten

Amerikaanse zanger, geboren in Boston, die bekend werd met de r&b-groep New Edition. Scoorde later ook meerdere solohits. Trouwde in 1992 met Whitney Houston, om in 2007 weer (definitief) te scheiden. Whitney stierf in 2012. Hun in 2016 overleden dochter Bobbie Kristina Brown was één van zijn zes kinderen (bij vier vrouwen).


When U trust someone
And U know you're on their back
You ain't got no trustin' about you
And you claim that you don't care where I'm at
You've given me reason to doubt you
Say U trust someone
Why ya callin' all around
Think I've got some dip on the side
Girl you don't trust no one
And you constantly in doubt
You lose the game
If you play that way

Get up off me back
Save your heart attack
Ain't nobody is humpin' around
No matter what they say
No it ain't that way
Ain't nobody humpin' around

When U love someone
And you want to love 'em right
Got to get more lovin' about'cha
When you know that you're holdin' on too tight
Soon they will be leaving without you
Say that U love someone
Why you callin' all my friends
Thinkin' I got somethin' to hide
Girl you don't love no one
You don't know what love's about
You lose the game
If you play that way

Girl when U trust someone
You don't call on everybody
Ain't nobody foolin' around
And the more i think about it
You'll lose all your clout and
You lose the game baby
If you play that way


ArtiestBobby Brown
Titel Humpin' Around - K Klass Radio Mix
Lengte 3:49
Componist(en) L.A. Reid, Babyface, Daryl Simmons, Bobby Brown
Producer(s) L.A. Reid, Babyface, Daryl Simmons
Mixage K Klass
Platenlabel MCA
Catalogusnr MCD 33179