Coverafbeelding Bit Machine feat. Daisy Dee - Somebody Real
  • Statistieken
  •   5 weken
  •   21 piekpositie
  •   60 punten
  •   1995


Land   Italië

Italiaanse act, uit de jaren 90 opgericht door Alex Baraldi, Daniele Davoli, DJ Robby Ruini, Karen Jones, Mirko Limoni, Valerio Semplici. Ze brachten ook muziek uit onder andere namen.


One thing is for sure
I wanna be alone so close the door
Take my soul to reflect on honey
'Cause in this moment I need somebody
What ever you say, what ever you do
I'll do it all baby just for you
And simply cause you will get me started
The only one that will give me credit
For the love I give and the love I need
I'm begging you please, baby, stop the tease
Cause every time you past me I feel this breeze
What is wrong with the way I feel
I wanna have you now so let's make a deal
And give me all of your sex appeal
Kiss me here softly and warm
Now I know I really want your love

Want your love, want you now, and I feel
My heart now needs somebody
Want your love, want you now, and I feel
My soul now needs somebody real

Please, don't ever think of leaving me all alone
For you I work my fingers to the bones
And wait all day at a pay phone
For you to call me, and tell me you love me
So leave a message and tell me you need me
You better make it funky funky for me
Cause you're the beat pumpin' in my body
The only one that will get me started
Can't you see that we are meant to be
I want your love, baby, all for me
That sweet lovin' all of that jazz
What ever you want I will say yes, a-ha,
Step by step we'll grow
I even want to make love in the snow
And all I have I will keep on given,
And all I want is your lovin'


De rap wordt verzorgd door Daisy Dee, de vocalen door Karen Jones.
ArtiestBit Machine,
Daisy Dee
Titel Piano Main Radio
Lengte 3:26
Componist(en) M. Limoni, D. Davoli, V. Semplici, D. Rollocks
Producer(s) V. Semplici, D. Davoli
Mixage V. Semplici, D. Davoli, Two Men
Platenlabel Red Bullet
Catalogusnr RB 8.291