Coverafbeelding Bellamy Brothers - Satin Sheets
  • Statistieken
  •   7 wkn Tipparade
  •   1976


Land   Verenigde Staten

Amerikaans (country)duo uit Florida dat bestaat uit de broers David Milton Bellamy (16 september 1950) en Homer Howard Bellamy (2 februari 1946).

Vanaf 1976 brengen de twee bijna jaarlijks een album uit, tientallen dus in totaal, maar het singlesucces in Nederland blijft beperkt tot twee top 10-hits: Let Your Love Flow (1976, #6) en If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me (1979, #8).


I wish I was a millionaire
I'd play rock music and grow long hair
I tell you boys I'd buy a new Rolls Royce.

Pretty women'd come to me I'd give 'em all the third degree
I'd give 'em Satin Sheets to keep 'em off the streets.

Hallelujah, let me sook it to ya
Praise the Lord and pass the tambourine
Great Jehova, you'll come over
As soon as you see me boogie-woogie
'Cross the silver screen.

I can hang 'em high or hang 'em low
I'd put 'em in the ceilings wherever I'd go
And swing all night from the rafter lights.

Hallelujah, let me sook it to ya, ...
I wish you was a millionaire,
Hallelujah, let me sook it to ya, ...


ArtiestBellamy Brothers
Titel Satin Sheets
Lengte 03'28
Componist(en) Willis Allen Ramsey
Producer(s) Phil Gernhard & Tony Scotti
Titel I'm The Only Sane Man Left Alive
Lengte 03'10
Componist(en) David Bellamy
Producer(s) Phil Gernhard & Tony Scotti
Platenlabel Warner Bros.
Catalogusnr WB 16.775
Hoogste positie UK 43
Hoogste positie US 73
Album Let Your Love Flow