Coverafbeelding Barry Duncan - If I Miss You Again To-Night

Barry Duncan

If I Miss You Again To-Night

  • Statistieken
  •   3 wkn Tipparade
  •   1977


Land   Nederland

Hein Braat bracht onder zijn artiestennaam Barry Duncan tussen 1977 en 1979 drie singles uit. Alleen zijn single If I Miss You Again To-Night wist in de Tipparade te komen in 1977. Hij is zich later gaan richten op spirituele muziek.


If I miss you again tonight and I'm longing to hold you tight
If the mood that I'm in is just like it's been
Then I'll be awake till the morning light
If I miss you just one more time if I can't get you off my mind
Girl I'll know that it's true I'm still loving you
And how will I face it if I miss you tonight

I tried so hard to forget I thought I'd made it
I cried you out of my heart and I could smile again
Then all at once out of nowhere your mem'ry returned
And my heart couldn't shake it can I forget you again
Tell me what'll I do girl if I can't make it

If I miss you again tonight...
If I miss you again tonight...



het origineel van “If I Miss You Again To-Night”:

1974: Tommy Overstreet (Produced by Ricci Mareno) (Arranged by Ricci Mareno & Charlie Black) getiteld If I Miss You Again Tonight
Dot Records DOA-17515]
[°8 US C&W-hit]

het origineel van “Kidds”:

1977: Roy Clark (String Arrangements: Bergen White) (Produced by Jim Fogelsong) getiteld Kids op de LP: My Music & Me - Vocal & Instrumental
[ABC Dot Records DO-2072/2]
ArtiestBarry Duncan
Titel If I Miss You Again To-Night
Componist(en) Mariane Mareno; Charlie Black; Ricci Mareno
Titel Kidds
Componist(en) Ad Van Olm; H. Waltheim; Paul Parnes
Platenlabel Ariola
Catalogusnr 11.611 AT