Coverafbeelding Aphrodite's Child - Marie Jolie
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  •   8 weken
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  •   210 punten
  •   1969


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Sometimes I feel that I'm alone
And I wonder what I'd do
If I couldn't turn to you
You are all my life and more
Take this love I give
Marie Jolie
Marie Jolie

The seasons change
But love remains
Growing like a rose in spring
All the summersun can bring
I will find when I'm with you
You are all I have
Marie Jolie
Marie Jolie

I know there'll be
Sad times for me
But as long as you are there
I know that I'll need not care
Love is everywhere you are
My life is the girl
Marie Jolie
Marie Jolie

But if you keep your love from me
I will have no way to turn
I will find it hard to learn
Living life without a dream
Which way will life be?
Marie Jolie
Marie Jolie


ArtiestAphrodite's Child
Titel Let Me Love, Let Me Live
Componist(en) L. Sideras, R. Francis
Titel Marie Jolie
Componist(en) V. Papathanassiou, R. Francis
Platenlabel Mercury
Catalogusnr 132 506 MCF
Album It's Five O'Clock