Coverafbeelding Alf - Stuck On Earth
  • Statistieken
  •   8 weken
  •   6 piekpositie
  •   215 punten
  •   1987


Land   Verenigde Staten

Alf was een Amerikaanse tv-serie die liep van 1986 tot 1990. De comedy draaide om een buitenlands wezen dat gevlucht was van zijn thuisplaneet Melmak, en met zijn ruimteschip was neergestort in de garage van de familie Tanner. Omdat hij niet terug kan wordt hij opgenomen in het gezin, dat hem verborgen probeert te houden voor anderen.

In Nederland worden de 102 afleveringen uitgezonden door de TROS, RTL 5 en Veronica. Alf is de afkorting van Alien Life Form. De acteur in het pak was Michu Meszaros, terwijl Paul Fusco de pop bediende en zijn stem deed.

Fusco is ook te horen op de nummer 6-hit Stuck On Earth, die begin 1988 acht weken in de Top 40 staat.


Ah before you say another word may i present to you Alf

The show is on your eyelids are growing heavy
you are getting sleepy you are no longer a cat
you are a bagel what are you doing
hey you scared me you ought to wear a bell
what's going on here what happened here
i was i was just teaching lucky how to tell time
show willy what you've learned
you are hynotizing him aren't you
okay you caught us i'm trying to help lucky to beat
the smoking problem
just kidding ha ha ha go for it

Well my name is ALF and i'm stuck on earth
i can't get back to my place of birth
i'm making the best of abad situation
think of it as an extended vacation

Hello, is that you mister President
listen i know you're a busy guy si i'll make this brief
we've only got one planet
so why don't you and the rusky
ease up a little will you
godnesses that's pretty complicated
hope i haven it oversimplified the problem
i'm i'm sure we'll do everything we can
mr. ALF we're sending someone around right now
to follow up this thing you just sit tight okay
you too

Well my name is ALF and i'm stuck on earth
well my name is ALF and i'm stuck on earth

Alf what are you doing in my dress
blame the guy in the dress
no don't make a sound
stay right here and take off the dress
alright but i feel it only fair to warn you
i'm not wearing anything underneath

Well my name is ALF and i'm stuck on earth
well my name is ALF and i'm stuck on earth
well don't we feel foolishh !


Titel Stuck On Earth
Lengte 03:44
Componist(en) Ben Liebrand , todd , Mumford , Fusco , Bendetson , Stotsky , Markowitz , Gelman
Producer(s) Ben Liebrand
Titel Cruisin' On Melmac Interstate
Lengte 05:45
Componist(en) Ben Liebrand
Producer(s) Ben Liebrand
Platenlabel RCA
Catalogusnr PB 41663