Coverafbeelding Albert Hammond - The Free Electric Band
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  •   10 weken
  •   3 piekpositie
  •   299 punten
  •   1973


Geboortedatum   18-05-1944
Land   Verenigd Koninkrijk

Singer-songwriter Albert Hammond wordt op 18 mei 1944 geboren in Londen, maar woont al bijna zijn hele leven in Gibraltar.

Als tiener trekt hij naar Amerika. In 1966 vormt hij met Steve Rowland de groep The Family Dogg, die in 1970 Steve Rowland & The Family Dogg gaat heten.

Hammond is bekend als tekstschrijver voor onder anderen Tina Turner, Whitney Houston en The Hollies. Zelf scoort hij in Nederland acht hits, waarvan er vier in de top 10 belanden. Hammonds grootste hit is niet één van zijn drie Alarmschijven, maar Air Disaster // I Don't Wanna Die In An Air Disaster uit 1974.


My father is a doctor he's a family man
my mother works for charity whenever she can
and they're both good clean Americans who abide by the law
and they both stick up for liberty and they both support the war
my happiness was paid for when they laid their money down
for summers in a summer camp and winters in the town
my future in the system was talked about and planned
but I gave it up for music and The Free Electric Band

I went to school in handwashed shirts with neatly ordered hair
and the school was big and newly built and filled with light and air
and the teachers taught us values that we had to learn to keep
and they'd clip the ear of any idle kid who went to sleep
my father organised for me a college in the east
but I went to California the sunshine and the beach
my parents and my lecturers could never understand
why I gave it up for music and The Free Electric Band

well they used to sit and speculate upon their son's career
a lawyer or a doctor or a civil engineer
just give me bread and water put a guitar in my hand
cos all i need is music and The Free Electric Band

my father sent me money and I spent it very fast
on a girl I met in Berkeley in a social science class
yes and we learned about her body but her mind we didn't know
until deep rooted attitudes and morals began to show
she wanted to get married even though she never said
but I knew her well enough by now to see inside her head
she'd settle for suburbia and a little patch of land
so I gave her up for music and The Free Electric Band

ooh... The Free Electric Band...


ArtiestAlbert Hammond
Titel The Free Electric Band
Lengte 3:15
Componist(en) A. Hammond, M. Hazelwood
Producer(s) Albert Hammond
Titel You Taught Me To Sing The Blues
Lengte 3:30
Componist(en) A. Hammond, M. Hazelwood
Producer(s) Albert Hammond
Platenlabel Epic
Catalogusnr EPC 1494
Hoogste positie UK 19
Hoogste positie US 48
Album The Free Electric Band